Michael Schindler, Navy veteran and CEO of Edmonds-based non-profit, Operation Military Family Cares, is a guest writer for several national publications, a contributor for The Military Wire blog and the author of Operation Military Family. A recipient of Washington State's Military Patriot Award, Parent Map's Military Families Award, and Amway Corporation's Patriotism Award, Schindler has dedicated years to advocating for military veterans and their families. Aside from his daily responsibilities as a non-profit leader, Schindler is also a popular keynote and workshop speaker and the Military and Veterans Affairs Contributor for Fox News (Q13 KCPG). He and his family live in Edmonds Washington.

Speaking Topics

Why the 7 Percent Are America’s Greatest Asset

We’ve all heard the axiom that “people” are the greatest asset in every organization. But are all people “equal”? Designed to be a bit edgy, this corporate training session reveals how some people - today’s Veterans – often bring more positive to the table than their civilian-trained constituents and how this difference is a benefit to the organization. The training creates a bridge between the military and civilian divide and helps both veterans and civilians understand how their differences contribute to the overall vision.

All Veterans are Broken; Or Are They? Overcoming Veteran Myths

Geared toward institutes of higher learning and Fortune 1000 companies, this highly interactive live training unpacks the perceptions and myths circling veterans and their families with the goal of equipping the audience with the understanding of how to relate to and engage veterans so the classroom and the corporate boardroom achieve new levels of success.

How the 7 Percent can Take Your Company to the Next Level

Whether you are performing well or are in need of a tune-up, this 6 month corporate training package will reveal both the WHAT is needed and the HOW to accomplish It in taking your organization to the next level of performance. Starting with an “pulse report” assessment of your corporate goals and gaps and finishing with a complete “play book with benchmarks.”

Equipping You for Success

Designed for the individual, this “basic training” covers the three primary areas one needs to master in order to navigate successfully in today’s ever changing environment. Conducted over 8 weeks in one hour sessions, this can be done live (based on geography) or via webinar or call. Upon “graduation,” the individual will be equipped with the tools and resources to improve their communication skills, their relationships and their finances.

10 Things that Require No Skill

Want transformation inside your organization? Using humor, this training provides insight into what one of the most successful individuals in our country did – despite knowing very little about his industry – that revolutionized how cities look today. These same 10 things, when incorporated into your life or your organization, will revolutionize your personal and professional environment.

How to Talk Your Way into Better Sex and Make Money from It

Thanks to the 256th Brigade, this training has Louisiana roots. Designed for small groups and large audiences, this seminar takes a humorous approach to overcoming the common roadblocks that often lead to relationship struggles.


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