Nick Choat spent several years as a Vice President at The Walt Disney Company, most recently as the VP of Big Data Analytics and Digital Advertising Technology. He now runs several franchises, where he has adapted his digital marketing prowess to small businesses, and serves as the Chief Digital Officer of Pine Lake Advisory Service.

Speaking Topics


How does a company like The Walt Disney Company innovate, and what can a small business learn from this world-class organization?

Appetite For Change

What is a business’ “appetite for change” and why is it important to understand this in order to help an organization grow and mature?

Marketing Challenge

How does a business owner address the “I didn’t know your business existed” issue, and why is it important to address this fundamental marketing challenge?


Partnerships with other small businesses or organizations can many times amplify your marketing efforts. What makes for a mutually beneficial business partnership?

Emotional Engagement

Local not-for-profits can greatly benefit from digital marketing if they embrace the marketing objective of “emotional engagement.”

Relationship Management

Managing relationships is a fundamental skill for business leadership success, but networking alone isn’t sufficient. What set of skills are necessary to build long lasting and genuine relationships?

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