Dr. Susan Vitalis has a passion for helping the helpless, bringing hope to the hopeless, and empowering those who feel powerless. After graduating from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland, she completed a Family Medicine residency in Minneapolis and then went to Kenya for her first of many mission experiences. Susan subsequently split her time between Minnesota and other parts of the world, including Somalia, southern Sudan, Rwanda, Central African Republic, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Albania, Mongolia, and Tibet. Susan lives in Battle Lake, Minnesota, where she spends her time swimming, walking her dog, giving presentations and writing.

Speaking Topics

The Power of One in Community

Analogy of water drop to waterfall; there’s power in one but more power together working as one; raindrops/Niagara Falls; one to community to world.

Hope for a Hurting World

We are the hope for the world. Where is the world? How to deliver hope. What hope looks like. What my part is.

Safe in the Center of God’s Will

Does not mean always protected. My life story. Safety/Protection. Safety/Danger. Safety/Pain. Passing the torch.

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