Born on a -20 degree December day in a U.S. Army hospital, Tony Bathey spent the first year of his life in Fairbanks, AK. For the next seven years he lived on an Army base in Huntsville, Alabama before his Dad, an Airborne Master Sergeant, retired after 26 years of service. Tony’s family then moved to the east side of Tucson, AZ in the early 1970s.

The desert became home, and soon competing in sports, and cheering for any team that represented the University of Arizona became Tony’s passion. After his high school graduation, Tony supported himself by working various construction jobs, bartending in numerous western states, commercial fishing in Alaska, and eventually coaching baseball back in Tucson. All the while he kept a journal, from which developed his interest in writing.

Without organized athletics in his life, however, he found that he missed the unique camaraderie that developed only between teammates and coaches. He then chose to pursue a degree in education so he could teach at the high school level, coach team sports, and again experience what he considers the greatest elixir in life; victory and the pursuit of a championship.

While enjoying 15 years of teaching secondary PE, serving as an athletic director, and coaching various varsity team sports to a number of championship seasons, he spent most of his summers vacationing on the beaches in San Diego, watching and wondering if he had what it took to become an ocean lifeguard. Upon returning to Tucson each fall, his heart eventually remained behind, missing the ocean, so Tony left Arizona, and chose to pursue ocean lifeguarding as a new career. He was pleased to learn that he did have what it takes, and spent the next 10 years making rescues and instructing junior lifeguards, on various southern California beaches. While working on one of those beaches, he met his current wife, Liane, with whom he now lives and works, in La Jolla, CA.

Tony wrote several unpublished short stories and toiled with two unfinished novels, before completing Tower 18.

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