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We embrace the diverse voices in the titles we’ve published. Meet our dynamic authors and discover their quest to bring stories and ideas to life.

Aaron Coleman

Aaron Hurst

Alan Drew

Bob Buck

Bob Luhn

Brent Garrison

Brent Rock Russell

Caleb Anderson

Cameron Morfit

Carla Hart

Carrie Blackaby

D.C. Innes

Dan Pontefract

Daniel Blackaby

Darrin Grinder

Darryl Womack

David B. Savage

Dee Ann Turner

Don Liebich

Dr. Richard Blackaby

Drs. Jeremy and Amanda Hess

Elizabeth Frykberg

Elizabeth Knox

Elizabeth Popish

Erik Lokkesmoe

Gary Christopher

Gordon Vala-Webb

Graham Power

Jedd Hafer

Jeff Christopherson

Jeff Russell

Jeremy Sparks

Jim Dotson

Jim Keller

Joanne Sonenshine

John Lee

Justin Camp

Keven Fletcher

Kevin Everett

Kyle McNeal

Laura Gassner Otting

Laurie D. Russell

Lisa Fisher

Lisa Sharon Harper

Mara Measor

Mark Colgate

Mark Hobafcovich

Mark Russell

Mark Traylor

Michael Schindler

Michelle Jacobi

Mike Cook

Mike Thompson

Mike Tomlin

Nick Choat

Pam and Jon Strain

Paul Dragu

Paul Laubach

Ron Wagley

Russ Stoddard

Scot Sellers

Seth Buechley

Stephen Caldwell

Steve Shaw

Susan Vitalis, M.D.

Thomas Jay Oord

Todd Hafer

Tom Miller

Tony Bathey

Tony Bridwell