Building Smarter Organizations

How to Lead Your Zombie Organization Back to Life

by Gordon Vala-Webb

Building Smarter Organizations is the antidote for your zombie organization.

To survive in our complex and ambiguous world, organizations need to be able to learn quickly, predict accurately and adapt effectively. But too many modern businesses rigidly maintain "standard operating procedures," have a command-and-control culture, and a siloed structure with people overwhelmed by email. The result is slow-moving, uncoordinated, zombie organizations, barely able to shuffle forward, full of disengaged employees.

Building Smarter Organizations utilizes the latest research in management theory and organizational culture to give you an actionable guide to rebooting your company. Smarter organizations have:

  • An "open" mindset that fosters innovation and employee engagement
  • Fast-flow communications with visual work management
  • Accelerated, collaborative decision making

Don't keep stumbling and lurching around. You won't survive for long (and it's not much fun). Lead the change! Equip your organization to thrive.



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ISBN: 9781945449192

Publication Date: May 23, 2017

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Gordon Vala-Webb

Gordon Vala-Webb is an award-winning social business and knowledge practitioner and thought-leader with 17 years of experience working with large/complex public- and private-sector organizations. He was National Director of Innovation and Information at McMillan LLP (a Canadian business law firm) and the National Director of Knowledge Management for PwC Canada, where he also led...

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