Hard Truths

by Mike Tomlin

The best leaders do not emerge from business school with the influence, wisdom, and preparation required to lead people to success. Great leadership is built through experience. Many learn their skills through their own trial and error, while the best smooth the learning curve by learning from others. Written for the latter group, Mike Tomlin's latest book, Hard Truths, is a synthesis of his 40+ years of leadership experience, a guide to the realities of leadership that cause even the best to stumble or rise to their potential.

Tomlin tackles topics such as intentionality and delegation, how your image affects your ability to lead, the vital nature of a good cultural fit, and aligning messaging and motivation with your mission. A powerful handbook for those seeking to enhance their leadership abilities, Hard Truths is rich with time-tried wisdom, a voice of reality for new and veteran leaders alike.

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ISBN: 9781945449420

Publication Date: 10/10/2017

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Mike Tomlin

Michael Tomlin is a writer, leadership and marketing consultant and trainer, and political messaging advisor. His over 40-year career has sent him all over the world to speak, teach, and train audiences both large and small. Mike spent some of his career as a college dean, a professor of business, and a professor of...

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