I Love Him, I Love Him Not, I Finally Love Him

Discovering a Real Love for God

by Laurie D. Russell

As a missionary preparing for a Bible study, Laurie Russell was troubled and began to doubt her love for God. Upon sharing her concern with colleagues, she was met with shock, blank stares, and trite promises that all would be well. Russell set off to reunite with God and find answers to the hard, honest questions that had separated her from God.

In I Finally Love Him, Russell tackles questions such as: – How can I love a God who allows natural disasters and terrorism? – Why does serving Him leave me busy and burned out instead of energetic and joyful? – What does it mean to love God? Throughout her rediscovery, Russell shares raw, transparent stories that will have you laughing one moment and crying the next.

Whether you're struggling in your faith or have a rock solid love for God, I Finally Love Him promises to bring you another step closer on your journey to knowing, understanding and truly loving God.




ISBN: 9781937498153


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Laurie D. Russell

Laurie D. Russell is a conference speaker and writer. Laurie is a graduate of Moody Bible Institute. She has lived and worked in Russia, Chile and Germany as a missionary and has traveled to forty countries. She lives with her husband, Mark, their two children, Noah and Anastasia, their two dogs, and a cat,...

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