Leadership by the Book

Lessons from Every Book of the Bible

by Brent Garrison

Answers to daily leadership issues with applications from every book of the Bible

Christian men and women across the country experience leadership in many different ways. Some lead a congregation, youth group or ministry, some in their homes, businesses, or non-professional organizations. The lives of many followers of Christ are marked by a combination of these roles.

In Leadership by the Book, Brent Garrison offers examples from each book of the Old and New Testaments of how God’s servants have led His people, and the lessons that today’s leaders can learn from them. From Moses to John, Genesis to Revelations, Garrison offers a new perspective on ancient wisdom.

Insightful applications and spiritual adaptations for modern problems on every page, Leadership by the Book will help Christian leaders in their personal, spiritual and professional lives to find timeless answers to difficult questions.




ISBN: 9781943425020


Publication Date: February 16, 2016

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Brent Garrison

Previously the president of Arizona Christian University, Brent Garrison is currently the Director of CEO Relations at CEO Forum, an organization that works with over 200 CEO’s of large companies and seeks to challenge those leaders to be spiritual statesmen in the business world. Dr. Garrison earned a Master’s degree in Theology and Educational...

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