Naked Prayers

Honest Confessions to a Loving Creator

by Mara Measor

In Naked Prayers, singer-songwriter Mara Measor shares a series of authentic prayers through words, doodles and songs. Imagine the book of Psalms penned in New York City, that the writers liked to doodle, and that they had access to a professional Manhattan recording studio to lay down these songs of intimate meditation.

When starting a prayer room on her college campus, Measor encountered many students who would confess with dismay, “I’m not good at praying.” In this book Measor fights the notion of “bad prayers” by suggesting that prayer is simply about getting naked before God: no frills, no pretend, just honest confessions to a loving creator. Her doodles tell the story of an earnest sojourner following God through a big city, and her evocative songs take you along the ride.

There are a million and one books on prayer floating around Christian circles, but according to Measor, “This is not a how-to-pray book, this is a how-I-have-really-prayed book.”

Naked Prayers contains 86 prayers taken from 13 months of Measor’s life, and is framed by four stages:

Following God through making a home in NYC
Fretting about the purpose and direction of her life
Falling into a period of depression
Finding her way back to freedom




ISBN: 9781937498306


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Mara Measor

Mara Measor is a passionate singer, songwriter and actor guided by her Christian beliefs. With hundreds of music and acting appearances, she has made a name for herself in New York’s prominent music and theater scene. She is the youngest daughter of prominent Hong Kong-based stock guru Tony Measor. Mara chose a career in...

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