Radicalizing Peace

How Your Small, Faithful Steps Can Change the World

by Mark Traylor

The news and media are full of discussions about religious radicals. Their extreme actions dominate our headlines and political conversations.

Perhaps it's time to think about a different kind of religious radicalism. Can we commit ourselves to a radically different spirituality? One that will likely get far less attention from the media, but do far more to change the world? Perhaps, by following the radically counterintuitive teaching of Jesus about loving our enemies, we can become a new kind of extremist. Maybe the most radical thing we can ever do is to truly follow the Prince of Peace.




ISBN: 9781943425976

Publication Date: 11/22/2016

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Mark Traylor

Mark Traylor is the founder and pastor of Eastwind Community Church, a nondenominational church in Boise, Idaho, where he has served for 21 years. Mark is passionate about bringing together people with diverse attitudes, beliefs and politics. He has built a congregation that is accepting and non-judgmental, where democrats and republicans create lasting friendships,...

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