by Jedd Hafer & Todd Hafer

Everyday work stress oftentimes has people looking for ways to relieve their anxiety. But add to that the noise and chaos of crowded streets, bumper to bumper traffic, or something as simple as getting a spot in the grocery line, and the stress level can become too much to handle. Even when we decide to wind down, it often takes the form of sensory over-stimulation (like streaming movies or noisy bars).

In Biblical times, when people needed to find more clarity or come closer to God, they often went somewhere away from people, where there was nothing but their thoughts and God's creation (think Jesus in the desert, Moses on the mountain).

They sought solitude for the soul.

This book is not only an encouragement to find solitude, but hopefully a source of solitude as well. Let these words and pictures be a motivation to you and a small relief from the daily noise.

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ISBN: 9781945449222

Publication Date: July 11, 2017

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Jedd Hafer

Jedd Hafer manages social media and is a featured speaker for Love and Logic, which is the number-one educational parenting program in the world. Love and Logic reaches parents, teachers, health-care professionals and thousands of others who care about today’s kids and teens and their families. He is also a special consultant to Josh...

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Todd Hafer

Todd Hafer has earned recognition as the co-author of Battlefield of the Mind for Teens, an Amazon #1 Best Seller in Teen Body, Mind & Spirit, and City on Our Knees, a best selling collaboration with TobyMac. He has also written four books for the “To Save A Life” brand (which includes the $4...

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