Still Listening

by Susan Vitalis

God sets a path for anyone who wants to follow, but it's rarely a singular event. Instead, God nudges, almost continuously, those who listen. Dr. Susan Vitalis followed His call to put her medical training to use in some of the most poverty-stricken areas of the world–to make her calling her vocation, a supremely satisfying and enlightening time in her life. But, one day, through unimaginable changes, He nudged her another direction. Traversing that wilderness of loneliness and uncertainty was neither simple nor easy, but with God's help she found the wisdom to start again, to turn her new calling into her new vocation. Still Listening is every person’s journey through life’s stages of passion, authenticity, despair and hope. It's an authentic look into what it means to listen to not only the good but the best God has for your life, because He will never nudge you toward a dead end, but simply a crossroad.

Dr. Vitalis has worked with patients and trained health care workers in 15 countries and her impact is felt around the globe. Her message is one of clarity for college students, health care professionals, nonprofit leaders and anyone who has a passion to see the world changed.

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ISBN: 9781945449161

Publication Date: May 30, 2017

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Susan Vitalis, M.D.

Dr. Susan Vitalis has a passion for helping the helpless, bringing hope to the hopeless, and empowering those who feel powerless. After graduating from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland, she completed a Family Medicine residency in Minneapolis and then went to Kenya for her first of many mission experiences. Susan subsequently...

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