The Jesus Fractal

Seven Dimensions of Faith

by Elizabeth Frykberg

A practical, step-by-step look at the path of all true disciples.

The Jesus Fractal poses seven dimensions that every true disciple throughout history has followed. These dimensions reflect and refract and repeat themselves in the life of faith over and over again. Dr. Frykberg examines each dimension as parts not of a linear path, but of an eternally repeating pattern, like a fractal, in which each part follows the pattern of its greater whole, to be engaged time and time again. When used as guiding principles, these dimensions will lead the faithful follower of Christ on his/her journey to discipleship.

The seven dimensions were first discerned by analyzing the life of the disciple Peter, in interaction with Jesus, on his faith journey. The seven dimensions are:

  1. Hearing and Experiencing the Gospel
  2. Following in Community
  3. Desiring to Do the Will of God
  4. Humbled in Faith
  5. Graced by God’s Love
  6. Empowered by the Holy Spirit
  7. Sent into the World



ISBN: 9781943425129


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Elizabeth Frykberg

Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Frykberg is a Dedicated Pastor at First Presbyterian Church in Burlingame, California, where she ministers and creates curricula for Christian education. Her extensive study at Princeton Theological Seminary, where she earned her Ph.D. in Christian Education, resulted in numerous publications, including Karl Barth’s Theological Anthropology: An Analogical Critique Regarding Gender Relations....

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