Tower 18

by Tony Bathey

Ocean Lifeguards Cynthia Harden and Marisol Escobar disliked each other from the moment they first met at the academy. As their careers progressed, the two bitter rivals found themselves competing for a highly coveted Sergeant’s position in the San Diego Department of Coastal Safety, one that a female Ocean Lifeguard had never received.

The DCS’s highest ranking decision maker, Lieutenant Richard Morgan, was determined to select Harden, a highly qualified, former US Navy Dive Team member as his first female officer. But San Diego Mayor Eddie Peete was prepared to veto his Lieutenant’s decision, and order him to promote Escobar, a popular, liberal-minded bureaucrat who represented diversity and a chance at his reelection. As election-day approached, however, the announcement of the promotion was postponed due to an ongoing debate, while each of the powerful men tried to convince the other of the wisdom of his choice.

Behind the scenes, both women had plans to undermine the other, and a devious conspiracy conceived by a controversial, sexist colleague led Escobar and Harden out into brutal winter ocean conditions, requiring the women to work together, face-to-face, while attempting to rescue a drowning swimmer that had disappeared beneath the ocean’s surface.

As the rescue unfolds, one woman becomes vulnerable while the other gains leverage, and the rescue’s outcome will not only determine the fate of one woman’s future, but the very survival of the other.

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ISBN: 9781945449079

Publication Date: May 9, 2017

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Tony Bathey

Born on a -20 degree December day in a U.S. Army hospital, Tony Bathey spent the first year of his life in Fairbanks, AK. For the next seven years he lived on an Army base in Huntsville, Alabama before his Dad, an Airborne Master Sergeant, retired after 26 years of service. Tony’s family then...

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