Tower 18

by Tony Bathey

Mayor Eddie Peete won his election largely thanks to the Escobars, a wealthy Latino family with some seriously powerful connections. So, when he learns of an open sergeant position in the Department of Coastal Safety, and that Marisol Escobar could be considered, the mayor applies his pressure to keeping her family in his good graces.

Cynthia Harden, the rising star of the department, and Mike Johnson, a rough-around-the-edges lifeguard worried for his job, hatch a plan to prove that Marisol does not deserve the promotion. Cynthia poses as a distressed swimmer to create just the right circumstances for Marisol to make the same expensive mistakes she made in training. But, nothing goes according to plan, and the lives of the misguided lifeguards begin to spin out of control.

This first installment of an explosive series reaches into the ugly underside of political jockeying and personal scandal to deliver an impressive and thrilling story.

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ISBN: 9781945449079

Publication Date: May 9, 2017

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Tony Bathey

Born on a -20 degree December day in a U.S. Army hospital, Tony Bathey spent the first year of his life in Fairbanks, AK. For the next seven years he lived on an Army base in Huntsville, Alabama before his Dad, an Airborne Master Sergeant, retired after 26 years of service. Tony’s family then...

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