Whether you have a spark of an idea or a full-fledged manuscript for a book, here at Elevate, we can help you bring your vision to life. We involve you firsthand from start to finish, giving you creative and directive input as your publication and platform develops. Explore the three main areas we specialize in!

Our goal is to take your ideas and put them into print. Writing a book doesn’t have to be laborious or overwhelming—we make it interactive, exciting, and (dare we say) enjoyable. Our innovative and customized model involves you at every stage of book production.

Services we offer:

  • Idea development: establishing a direction, tone, and demographic for your book
  • Ghostwriting: creating as little or as much content needed to complete your manuscript
  • Editing: running a fine-tooth comb through a manuscript, leaving no thought or idea unexplored
  • Design: creating a cover that appeals to readers and accurately reflects your ideas
  • Printing: discovering the most cost-effective way to make an appealing physical and/or electronic product
  • Inventory fulfillment/product upkeep: cataloging your book online and keeping it up-to-date and in stock

Building a platform can take many routes to reach the end goal, so here at Elevate Publishing, we customize every marketing campaign, book launch, and/or speaking engagement to effectively maximize revenue and awareness for every thought leader, faith leader, or business person. We believe an established author/speaker platform is essential for all new and current authors who strive to build their purpose, credibility, profitability, and prominence.

Services we offer:

  • Platform/Marketing consultation and strategy
  • Social media management and consultation
  • Website/Blog management and consultation
  • Publicity (Local and national PR)
  • Video development
  • External vendor management
  • Advertising
  • Graphic Design
  • Direct Sales
  • Speaker management

When your product and platform are built, your message will have the foundation to be seen and heard all over the world. We launch powerful and customized marketing initiatives that utilize organic growth strategies and industry best practices.

Services we offer:

  • Campaign Management: Taking the logistical weight off your shoulders so you can do what you do best
  • Content Curation: Building out valuable call-to-actions, social media sharables, blog posts and more to create buzz around your book launch
  • Publicity: Telling the world your story or idea through local, regional and national media outreach
  • Influencer Marketing: Channeling our efforts to establish a list of influencers who will share your message
  • Book Awards and Reviews: Submitting your book for timely reviews and potential awards to increase credibility
  • Direct Marketing: Reaching out to individuals and organizations with strategic incentives and targeted requests centered around your book

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Author FAQs

That’s okay! Even if you don’t consider yourself a writer, we can work with you to develop your idea, establish a direction for your book, and mold it into a finished publication. We can also ghostwrite for you, which means we write the bulk of the material with your direction and tone in mind.
We work to promote your book to local and national media outlets that are appropriate and related to your field. We create a customized approach to developing a platform for your publication, which can include making a book promotional “trailer,” establishing your online presence, managing potential events or speaking engagements, and the list goes on... there’s no idea we won’t consider!
Because every project is different, we don’t have a set price for our services. This lets us work with you to customize your book and platform with what you really want—we can dream big together. We work with you to determine your budget and how we can make every penny count. Request a quote for more information.