Before you read this blog post, watch the following video. The following explanation won’t make sense without it.

Let's talk about what we learned.

A leader needs to stand alone (even if it means looking ridiculous)
What makes you and your book stand out from the crowd? If you have an understanding of your market, its needs and your competition within it, determine how you are unique (or ridiculous). Every type of leader stands out—even the ridiculous one. Write down your idea and broadcast it to the world! Make it the reason you rise to the top.

A leader needs to be easy to follow
Now, this video emphasizes the “first follower” and the effect he/she can have on your mission. As an author, you will need to determine who your first follower is. We say, focus on your network. Small or big, everyone has a network. Divide it and focus on your “key influencers,” those who will show everyone else how to follow. If your network does not believe in your idea or think it is easy to follow, then you’re headed back to the drawing board. If your message as an author is clear, your mission as a leader will be clear too.

Three is a crowd and a crowd is news
How do you build a crowd of followers? Continue to feed your followers and make it all about them. This is one reason we emphasize creating an “author platform.” It gives authors the necessary channels to feed their followers and build a movement. Your platform allows you to communicate with your audience and your audience to communicate with other followers. You’re the flint and your followers (your network) are the sparks. They will help light the fire and build your crowd if your message is easy to follow.

Now we've got momentum! Reaching your tipping point
Your movement is growing and you and your book are gaining traction. You’ll reach a tipping point where your followers know you and your book gains recognition and success. There’s no turning back. It is all about stoking the fire now.

With a beautifully written book, a unique subject, idea or story to share and a robust platform to share it on, you will have the tools to find and nurture your followers. Remember to be public and easy to follow. You don’t have to be a ridiculous dancer to produce the same effect as the guy in the video; you just need to do your part to make yourself and your book stand out and be seen.