After much back and forth about the idea of crowdfunding for our authors and their books, we decided to test the waters. It turned out in our favor. With Kickstarter as our crowdfunding platform we were able to hit our modest goal of $2,300. We set a goal that was both beneficial and realistic. Too many projects reach for the stars and fall flat on their face. For us, gaining some financial return was fantastic, but the primary reason for this crowdfunding campaign was to boost awareness for author Daniel Blackaby's third book in the Lost City Chronicles trilogy, Earthly Trinity.

It gave current fans access to support the trilogy and potential future fans to discover it. It was a perfect buzz builder for Earthly Trinity's book launch as well (December 11th if you were curious). Before you go off building your crowdfunding platform, be prepared to promote it. It will not fund itself and Kickstarter only gives you the space to present and share your eye-catching project or idea. Make sure you have strategically planned marketing initiatives and creative content that appeals to your audience. There are many crowdfunding options out there. Choose the one that is right for your project. We chose Kickstarter for credibility and layout, but you may find other crowdfunding platforms, like Indiegogo, may suit your needs best.

Take a look at Lost City Chronicles Trilogy Final Book: Earthly Trinity for a good example of a Kickstarter book campaign. If you are an author, this may be a good option for you!